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Suit up, strap in, and prepare yourself. You've managed to get to the IRIS' descent modules only seconds before disaster. Luckily, previous missions have established convenient landing zones across the surface, but it's not going to be easy... 

This couch coop adventure is built for 2 to 4 space pioneers, looking to test their piloting skills. Inspired by the original Lunar Lander arcade game, and the multiplayer experience of modern classics like Overcooked, FLIGHT hopes to combine the two into a funny, interesting adventure that is perfect for LAN parties and small gatherings. The simple, single stick control scheme means players of all experience levels can enjoy, while the double stick controls can be used for a more challenging experience.

This game is intended to be played with game controllers/gamepads, While the keyboard can be used for single player only.


  • Thrust: W
  • Cargo Collector: F
  • Fire Weapon: S, Space
  • Turn: A - D
  • Pause: Escape, P
  • Thrust: Right Trigger,  R2  or   A , Cross
  • Cargo Collector: X, Square
  • Fire Weapon: B, Circle
  • Turn: Left analog stick or left/right D-pad
  • Pause: Start/Options


  • Full (required) controller support
  • Up to 4 local players
  • Simple control scheme for any experience level
  • Procedural level generation
  • Many game customization options



Hardware scale-ability settings have not yet been implemented, and as such the game will always run Fullscreen, at 1080p at Ultra quality (as determined by the engine) we hope to have more settings added soon which will drastically lower the current minimums. The minimums listed are estimates and may not accurately represent the minimum (it may be lower).

  • CPU:  any dual core 2.0 GHz or better
  • GRAPHICS: GeForce GTX 660 or better
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • DISPLAY: 1080p display recommended
  • OS: windows 7, 64-bit operating system or better
  • DISK SPACE: at least 1.4 GB required
  • 2 OR MORE PLAYERS: each player requires their own controller

Currently not available on Mac or Linux based OS systems


Notes for Controllers

The game should work with any modern game pad

 Xbox One, Xbox 360 : Plug and play, you shouldn't need to do anything to have these types of controllers work right away

PlayStation 4:  If you are using one or more DualShock 4 controllers, you must either:

  1. Add the .exe file as a non-steam game to your Steam games library by clicking the games tab at the very top of the Steam application. Then connect your controllers and launch through Steam. (recommended method)
  2. Use a controller emulator software such as DS4. 
Notes about controller functionality

The game currently only checks for connected controllers on launch, if a controller becomes disconnected or unresponsive during play, or you would like to add a new controller, you must close the game and relaunch it.



This game is currently in a pre-alpha state, and while it is playable. You will likely encounter frustrating (though sometimes hilarious) bugs, that may break the game. If you encounter any of these bugs and want to lend us a hand, or would like to make suggestions for improvements, send us an email - support@astrosourcegames.com 


The Future

We expect to add a cooperative adventure mode (in addition to the existing competitive mode) after the game has left Alpha, and we intend to add more content (namely planets and other destinations) until full release. 


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